Chandravajra Vashikaran

Chandravajra vashikaran is known as Maha Prayog among all vashikaran methods because it denotes the power of Chandra and Vajra of Indra devta. There are various methods of performing vashikaran and also there are various type of vidyas by which vashikaran can be performed such as vaidik vashikaran kriya, aghori vashikaran vidya and black magic vashikaran kriya. Chandravajra vashkaran is last resort and should be performed when other vashikaran kriyas and vidyas failed to provide result. If you have tried all the tantriks and procedures of vashikaran and not getting the desired result then taking help of Chandravajra vashikaran can assure you of result.

When and in what condition should we use Chandravajra Vashikaran?

We know that vashikaran is used for improvement in personal or professional relationship and to initiate a new relationship but sometimes it happens that even after trying almost all the methods of vashikaran you fail to get the desired result or sometimes get zero result. In that case, Chandravajra vashikaran is the last resort for you. Unlike other vashikaran methods and rituals there is a limitation in performing Chandravajra vashikaran. The limitation is that you can only get this ritual performed once in life and only for one person in life.